2018 Fashion Show Invite

by Nirvana CPH

Nirvana CPH has built a long standing relationship with the team at Central Saint Martins, and for the past 10 years we have been commission to develop and produce their BA Fashion show invite.

Each year the design for the invite comes from one of their students, the theme this year was meant to play on the concept of not taking fashion seriously. Student Harry Freegard a renowned student at CSM design for his caustic fashion sense was selected as the designer  “It’s all about laughing with fashion and encouraging fashion to laugh at itself. Fashion shouldn’t be so serious!”.

Harry’s design saw the show details scribbled in crayon on a torn piece of paper and red plasticine moulded into the words. CSM came to us to see how we could reproduce as many of these details and qualities for the show invite. We took a photograph of Harry’s design to create the artwork which was printed onto 300gsm car, this was then die cut into the same shape carefully maintaining the appearance of the torn edges. Each invite was sent in a range of bright coloured envelopes ranging from candy pink, topaz blue, bright green and factory yellow.

Harry’s own collection was also featured in this years show and created a storm of attention with Daze and Confused labelling him one of the most talked about graduates at CSM.


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