Ace Hotel Stationery

by Donna Creek

Ace Hotel based in London asked Nirvana to produce the guest stationery for their rooms, designed for the Shoreditch hotel exclusively.

A spiral bound A5 notebook with an Eco Kraft cover and an A4 document in the same material reflect the sound ecological approach that the hotel adopts, using organic materials where possible throughout the venue.

The notebook and folder were designed to appeal to the creative, design-led community that surrounds the hotel, with the pages of the notebook printed with a grid for those middle-of-the-night ideas and the folder, with a washer and string closure, to help tame those loose sheets of paper.

Both items are supplied vacuum packed to ensure they are tamper-free and ready for use.

More information about Ace Hotels, a collective of individual, design-led hotels, can be found here:

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