Ultra Boost Seeding Kit

by Angelique Blankson

How do you package the ‘greatest running shoes ever’? London design agency, Bisqit pondered the same question and so commissioned us to source a suitable range of materials to produce a bespoke presentation box for adidas’ latest shoe, Ultra Boost.

The foam-soled trainers, which were launched last month, are touted as ‘the best running shoes ever made’ so it was only right that they were presented in an equally impressive box.

Our extensive research resulted in Colorplan ebony over caseboard base, with each trainer displayed on an inclined platform and contrasted with metallic Mirri accents at opposite ends. The structure of the cover, constructed chiefly of Colorplan ebony over caseboard, was striped with an eye-catching fluorescent yellow silk screen print.

Transparent pink and yellow live edge acrylic inserts were fitted at the front and rear of the lid so that the trainers remain visible even when encased in the packaging.






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