Beard Brush CGI Film

by Nirvana CPH

With more than 200 years of history and a Royal warrant of appointment, you suspect Kent Brushes know a thing or two about what goes into cultivating and maintaining a great beard. That’s why they’ve only produced one beard brush in the last 100 years – because great quality and performance never go out of style.

2016, however, was the year Kent decided to break with tradition and add a brand-new beard brush to its collection. Handmade in the UK, featuring specially cut and shaped boar bristles and a smooth wooden handle, the new brush is intended to be kind to skin while keeping even the wildest facial foliage in check.

It was the year, then, when the Kent beard brush arrived in the 21st century. That’s why Kent chose to approach Nirvana CPH’s Studio to produce a short promotional film just in time for its launch. Working closely with the marketing team on every stage of the project from inception to completion, we worked on initial storyboards and art direction, through to the final high-resolution rendered film, which you can watch below.

The brush has been constructed entirely using CGI, and has been modelled, textured and lit using Maya. The final composition was then edited in Final Cut Pro, After Effects and Photoshop to construct the image background and the audio track.


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