Faldan Gift Packaging

by Natasha Lilley

Founded by former UN Climate Negotiator Laura Hanning, Faldan is a brand on a mission to provide the world’s first ethical, folding luxury bag.

Hanning spotted a gap in the market for products that actively help to minimise our wasteful habits. She spent months folding origami shapes, calculating an optimum size to make the Faldan bag as functional as possible.

When the brand launched in early 2020, Nirvana CPH provided the design, material development, prototyping and production of its new gift packaging.

Given Hanning’s professional background, it’s no surprise the brand wanted to communicate its environmental responsibility as part of the project.

Our challenge was to align the brand’s ambitions on sustainability with a finished product that allows it to sit comfortably within the crowded, competitive luxury bag market.

We selected Extract, from UK-based G.F Smith, as our primary material – a paper developed from the millions of single-use coffee cups discarded every year by British consumers.

Meanwhile, we lined the inside of the clamshell box with Pop’Set Ultra Red, from French manufacturer ArjoWiggins. This provides a vibrant contrast in texture and colour against the soft, muted tones of Extract Moon.

In keeping with the brand’s luxury positioning, we applied the Faldan branding as a gold foil emboss to the lid of the clamshell box. Inside, a second message – also in gold foil – nods to the brand’s use of post-consumer waste in the box’s construction, and encourages Faldan’s audience to ensure the packaging is given a second life of its own: ‘I was great before. I am great now. I shall be great again.’

A litho-printed concertina leaflet, mirroring the origami-like folds of the bag itself, provides further instructions on how the bag tessellates, and on care instructions to ensure the bag lasts a lifetime.

In order to reduce the carbon output attached to the gift packaging’s production, our Production team worked closely with partners in the local area to ensure the gift packaging was designed, printed and produced within Greater London.

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