Futurecraft Leather Superstar Packaging

by Angelique Blankson

Adidas’ performance innovation footwear division takes a new leap forward with the Futurecraft Series. Adidas design consultant Alexander Taylor was tasked with helping Adidas push production innovation for a series called Futurecraft.

We worked directly with Adidas and Alexander Taylor to fabricate a highly precise and luxurious shoe box that would house the new Superstars, this limited edition release took place in three Dover Street Markets around the globe.

Services and Processes

Takeo paper over board sharp edged shoebox felt like it had the same DNA derived from the shoes makeup process/colour way itself.


We used a 116gsm dark grey Takeo Satogami paper with a gloss black deboss foil. The finished product is a beautifully crafted highly precise and intriguing shoe box for an equally beautifully crafted shoe.

Services Involved

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