Jaguar x Wimbledon 2016 Seeding Box

by Nirvana CPH

The Wimbledon tennis championship is probably best described as the most British two weeks of any given year. Thousands of fans queue patiently for hours on end, braving predictably inclement weather for the chance to enter the club’s hallowed grounds, where they can catch a glimpse of their white-clad heroes to a soundtrack of polite applause. Over the course of its 139-year history, it has become one of the UK’s most celebrated and revered institutions, attracting the biggest names in the sport and a global television audience of millions.

British luxury and sports car manufacturer Jaguar was announced in 2015 as the official car sponsor to the All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC), in a partnership that sees more than 150 vehicles luxury and high-performance vehicles supplies to the championship to support tournament operations.

To celebrate the second year of this partnership between two true British icons, we were asked to design and produce a seeding box housing a variety of gifts, including a Bluetooth Tile, a Google Cardboard virtual reality experience, and a Wimbledon towel in the club’s iconic green. Using two weights of G.F. Smith’s Colorplan paper in Ebony, we constructed a paper-over-board, hinged box with a magnetic closure, and 5 inlays of varying depths and sizes for the accompanying gifts.

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