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by Donna Creek

Mary Katrantzou has quickly made her presence known in the fashion World, earning a reputation as something of a print magician by creating hyper-real optical patterns from obscure objects – spoons, teacups, mantelpieces – and engineering them onto bold, structural shapes. So when Nirvana sat down with Mary and her team to discuss the packaging needs for the recently launched MaryKatrantzou.com website, we were excited to hear they were looking to produce a range of understated, chic and elegant packaging.

We worked closely with Mary’s team researching materials, finishes and processes. The outcome was to black foil emboss the logo onto a fine linen embossed Colour plan paper which is used throughout bags, boxes, swing tickets and stationery. The bags feature a raised embossed logo within a de-bossed area to give depth and a classic ornate look – this was achieved by reversing out the logo within the de-bossing tool so the emboss was left untouched during the process. The bag handles were soft black rope and we used black grosgrain ribbon threaded through the top edge slots to provide a means of closure.

For the boxes, Mary wanted an impactful deboss which was difficult to create with just paper alone and so we devised another solution by insetting a board wrapped in the raised foil embossed logo into an aperture in the lid. This had to be very carefully executed by hand, ensuring that the extra board was perfectly aligned so the logo sits centrally within the recess area.

Alongside the bags, boxes and swing tickets we produced tissue paper and stickers for an all round packaging solution.


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