More4 Live-Action Idents

by Donna Creek

4Creative and ManvsMachine commissioned Jason Bruges Studio to design and produce a set of live-action idents for television channel More4. The concept involved designing, installing and filming an intricate array of coloured triangles that, when mechanised, morphed into the More4 logo.

Jason Bruges Studio approached us to produce the triangles to be installed and filmed in situ at four locations. We produced them from laser-cut polypropylene in 15 different colours, creating and shipping 3,000 of each. They were then assembled into rotating units, which were then mounted onto various objects within different environments, such as a boat on the shoreline, a walkway on a beach and a staircase in a house.

You can see the making of the More4 mechanised units, as well as the final idents and footage, in the accompanying videos.





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