Mr Porter x American Psycho Gift Set

by Nirvana CPH

Sharp suits. Slick hair. Business card holders. Minimalist apartments on the Upper East Side. Dinner reservation, after dinner reservation, after dinner reservation. This is the world inhabited by Patrick Bateman, the high-flying financier protagonist of American Psycho, the 1991 novel by Bret Easton Ellis, later adapted to the big screen by Mary Harron and, now, a musical at London’s Almeida Theatre led by ex-Doctor Who Matt Smith.

Easton Ellis takes us on a journey through the excesses of late-eighties capitalism, highlighting Bateman’s obsession with material goods and the vacuousness of his received wisdom. As the novel unfolds, however, and the world he has constructed for himself begins to crumble beneath his feet, there is at least one constant; the Diors, Chanels, Versaces and Armanis that line his closet.

With that in mind, it’s easy to see why Mr Porter would make the perfect production partner for the opening of the American Psycho stage show at the Almeida Theatre. In the three years since the site was launched in 2013 as a counterpart to Natalie Massenet’s Net-a-Porter, Mr Porter has become the primary shopping destination for discerning modern gentlemen who want to look and feel their best.

To celebrate this ongoing partnership, Nirvana were asked to produce a limited run of gifting sets for a highly select group of VIPs and influencers, to include a Mr Porter gift voucher and, in a nod to the novel, a leather card holder. Sharp edges and bold accent colours were the order of the day, as a way of mirroring not only Mr Porter’s own unmistakable branding, but also the clean lines and decluttered space that Patrick Bateman himself inhabits.

Using a classic paper-over-board construction, we produced a hinged-lid box that featured two colours of G.F Smith’s always-reliable Colorplan range – white for the outer and ebony for the inner tray and platform. A black print was used for the Mr Porter branding, while the show’s own clever logo, which pairs two knives and a bow tie, was brought to life by a vibrant red matt foil. Good enough to kill for? We think so.

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