Nike Green Speed Packaging

by Donna Creek

The packaging for the new ‘Nike Green Speed’ was designed by London-based creative agency Accept and Proceed with whom we collaborated to produce this extraordinary box. Made using MDF and painted in both matt paint and a gloss lacquer, the box emulates a venus flytrap in its shape, part of nike’s branding concept behind the soccer boots. Strong magnets force the edges of the box to snap together. With the internal platform made using a Suedette material.

Inside the boxes are 4 glass test tubes each containing a separate material used to produce the boots, these consist of castor beans, castor oil, TPU and Pebax Renu (a plant-derived material made of 97% castor beans developed by Nike)

The ‘Nike GS‘ has been conceived and engineered in Italy, constructed by means of renewable energy featuring recycled and renewable materials throughout the body and soul of the design. The concept boot is not formed from 100% recycled matter and energy, yet it is the first wide-reaching production demonstration by Nike of the potential for sustainable or low-impact design in the development of high performance football boots.

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