Packaging Labels

by Donna Creek

Beanworks has a passion for creating modern artisan coffee. Reincarnated from Arden Coffee, it took two years of hard work to relaunch both their products and their brand. They were on a quest to create phenomenal tasting coffee, and with the help of some of the best experts in the business, have done just that. They have crafted some of the best coffee blends around, and have an eye for detail and perfection, which is why their design agency, Paul Belford, approached Nirvana to produce the packaging labels.

The print process had to match the quality and craft of the product, and so it was essential we chose the correct machine, an original Heidelberg Letterpress which is still operated manually today. As letter press is one of the oldest printing techniques, the level of neatness and consistency compared to modern day printing techniques is not comparable, however the minor imperfections inherent in the process added the finishing touches to the character and authenticity of the labels. We printed five versions, each bearing the number of the coffee blend.

These simple yet beautiful labels are the perfect package for the lovingly created coffee.

Photos taken by Martin Brown / Paul Belford Ltd.



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