POS Units

by Nirvana CPH

Earlier this year, it was announced that Paul Smith, the legendary mainstay of British fashion, was to consolidate its sub-labels – such as Paul Smith Jeans, PS Paul Smith, Black and Paul – into a single contemporary line, rebranded and simply renamed PS by Paul Smith.

In anticipation of the change, we worked with Paul Smith to conceptualise, develop and produce a brand new set of point-of-sale units for Paul Smith, the eponymous main line, and the newly launched PS by Paul Smith.

After extensive material research, the final result was two similar, yet highly distinct acrylic units. The Paul Smith and PS by Paul Smith logos were encapsulated as screen prints inside a solid block of clear acrylic; a vivid flash of blue was then added to one end of the Paul Smith unit, while PS by Paul Smith benefited from a second encapsulation, this time of a brushstroke in the label’s signature neon pink.

In both cases, the effect is striking as shoppers move around the blocks, the light refracting in different ways to create new formulations of black, blue and pink. It’s a nod to the playful nature of the brand’s founder, as well as his labels’ commitment to innovative techniques and finishes.

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