Puma Tricks Presentation Case

by Angelique Blankson

Nirvana recently re-teamed with Neighbour to produce a limited edition presentation case for the highly anticipated  Puma Tricks collection; which was then sent out to an elite group.

The Tricks evoPOWER and evoSPEED boots were released earlier in May and are a playful reflection of the 2014 FIFA World Cup host nation’s vibrant and scintillating culture. The boots feature a different colour for each foot; fuschia pink on the right and tabriz blue on the left and the enigmatic case, as interesting as the boots it houses, seems the perfect package to present them in.

The strikingly crafted case is made from four alternately coloured cubicles, each compartment containing a boot which is held in place with a recessed platform to hold perfectly in place under the branded polyprop boot covering. Equally surprising is the way the individual cubicles are magnetically hinged together and can be locked and displayed in several positions.

The concept is simple and yet enough to mesmerise anyone with its visually engaging presentation.


Photography Credit: Sam Ford / http://samfordsamford.co.uk/

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