by Nirvana CPH

The latest project by Teresa Eng, a portrait artist, is a photographic book entitled ‘Self Portrait’ where she documents portraits of Chinese millenials that she approached in shopping centres, displayed alongside a selfie of the subject taken from their mobile phone.

Teresa’s portraits, lit by the bright LED advertisements are introspective by nature, drawing a stark contrast with the subject’s selfie which reveals details of their lives and interests as well as how they want to be seen. ‘Self Portrait’ explores the notion of ‘self’ in a transitioning capitalist society.

When publishing her latest book, Teresa Eng came to Nirvana to produce a slipcase which would echo this parallel reflecting the face of its reader in the cover, Teresa wanted to use a dichroic filter for the slipcase, which is a very accurate colour filter which selectively lets light pass through in a small range of colors while reflecting other colours.

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