Summer 2016 Special Edition

by Nirvana CPH

Over the course of its eight issues since 2010, The Green Soccer Journal has redefined the way we view and consume football media. In an age of rumourmongering, deadline days and endless filler, it has existed at the spearhead of a resurgence in independent publishing that’s averted its gaze from the mainstream, looking to slow things down and take a moment to appreciate the aesthetics of the game we love.

Having produced the first three issues of the magazine, we were proud to be brought in to work with the team again on their limited-edition Summer 2016 issue, released to coincide with the start of the European Championship in France on 10th June. Working with illustrator Osvaldo Casanova, the issue reflects on some of the key moments in the 56-year history of the tournament, taking in Gascoigne, Panenka and Torres along the way.

Using three different paper stocks for a premium finish – a 170gsm Munken Polar Smooth for the cover, 105gsm Crane’s Crest for the inside pages and 135gsm Heaven 42 Soft Matt for a special insert, all from Hull-based G.F Smith – we were able to ensure the printing and production quality for which the publication has become renowned, bringing the vivid colours of Casanova’s illustrations to life.

The Summer 2016 edition of The Green Soccer Journal is now available via the magazine’s online store, priced at £5.

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