Vegan Gift Set

by Natasha Lilley

Aveda’s is fiercely proud to promote themselves as a cruelty free brand, none of their products have ever been tested on animals since its launch in 1978.

Natural products are fundamental to the brands values and they approached Nirvana to help them produce packaging which would also be environmentally friendly using only materials which are fully recycled and recyclable.

They launched a new Vegan haircare gift set with 12 plant-based products for hair and skin and all of these high performance formulas comprise of only natural ingredients.

We developed a box which would reinforce this natural aesthetic using an uncoated kraft which was 100% recycled. The print finishing was kept to a simple screen print to allow for a fully recyclable box and 12 individual compartments were constructed to house each product and sit underneath a reveal flap which folded closed underneath the sleeve.

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