VIP Bags

by Nirvana CPH

Farfetch continue to be an industry leader as an online shopping platform for Luxury fashion, they offer express worldwide and same-day delivery across London, New York, Paris, Los Angeles, Miami, Madrid, Milan, Barcelona and Rome and their service and consumer experience is fundamental to their success and growth.

Our team of creative producers have always worked closely with the Farfetch team establishing their e-commerce packaging  producing boxes, bags, receipt wallets etc for a vast range of product formats reaching from jewellery through to voluminous outerwear.

Their most recent focus has been their VIP customers and how to elevate this packaging for a more premium and special experience. We helped to produce a set of retail bags and manhattan style boxes for this audience produced in a subtle grey with a metallic foil embossed branding. A foil tape sticker was also produced to seal the bags and grosgrain handles were matched as closely to the pantone of the grey for a sleek understated look.

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