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by Nirvana CPH

Incredibly, Qatari designer Wadha al Hajri actually describes creating clothes as her “second job”. As the 28-year-old explained to in 2014, she initially left Qatar University as a graduate with a desire to pursue her first passion; working as a researcher for a company specialising in the minutiae of Arab politics. That she has ultimately been successful in the two fields, however, is testament to her work ethic and deep understanding of both. Her minimal, structural collections have been shown during the Vogue Dubai Fashion Experience in 2014, and more recently at Jeff Koons’ The White Space Gallery in New York, so it’s no surprise that she made the decision to open her own flagship store earlier this year.

Working in collaboration with Wadha’s eponymous label and London-based design studio Two Times Elliott, Nirvana were brought in to produce a host of printed collateral for the emerging designer, from retail packaging to compliments slips, business cards to swing tags. By focusing on sturdy construction and sharp edges, we were able to mimic the minimalist yet luxurious identity of the fledgling brand, and translate the graphic vision of Two Times Elliott into a physical reality. G.F. Smith’s Colorplan was used throughout, in varying colours and weights, as was a subtle white foiling that extended across each element in the project.

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