Sustainable Stories Exhibition

NCPH & London Design Festival


In 2019, as part of the London Design Festival, Nirvana CPH curated an exhibition in collaboration with SharpEnd: Sustainable Stories, hosted by G.F. Smith. It was an event exploring 5 different areas of consumption surrounding materials like plastic, aluminium, paper and cotton. Through technology, design and production we explored ways to tackle the challenges we face with these materials, creating more sustainable solutions for both the industry and user experiences.

The exhibition was hosted at the G . F Smith Show Space; alongside their collection of innovative and technically advanced papers. This interactive exhibition presented 5 ‘Sustainable Stories’ for the modern brand & consumer, which demystified the issues surrounding sustainability and how it impacts our every-day lives as well as presenting future production solutions in sustainable packaging.

London Design Festival Sustainable Stories
London Design Festival Sustainable Stories

The featured stories focus on the packaging materials where the need for sustainability initiatives is most relevant: glass, paper, metal, textile and plastic. Each story included the key ingredients to the success of a brand or a product; consumer education, production transparency, innovation and closed loop material scenarios for minimal use of resources. Examples of where technology could help with both minimising the environmental impact as well as communicate the sustainable story were also showcased.

The future of packaging is in connecting it to digital platforms for increased sustainable messaging.
Following the GDPR legislation, technology such as RFID, QR codes, NFC tags can enable a new messaging platform for a client to speak to its customers.
Activating existing packaging we would drive new brand engagement directly from a client product, by generating cross- platform content, loyalty and promotions.
Blockchain technology can also be set up to allow a supply chain to become fully transparent and sharable through channels mentioned above.

LDF Sustainable Stories