Treasure Chest Seeding Kit

Candy Crush

Candy crush chest and components
Candy crush box

Solutions Involved:

In a society where ‘meaningless fun’ is increasingly being cast as a societal villain, the developer giants King Games are set to reclaim the fun of playtime once again. Alongside their 'Candy Cave' series in which contestants pitched their fantasy content ideas, a series of influencer seeding kits were produced to accompany the show.

close up Candy crush

The kit was designed to imitate a treasure chest, featuring a giant replica lollipop intended to break a clear panel, gaining access to a large 'golden colour bomb' inside. The chest was produced from a paper over-board clamshell solution whilst the panel was reinforced prop-glass made from sugar. The result was a whimsical seeding kit that was sent to various celebrities and social media stars throughout the UK.

candy crush chest