Packaging the Potential of surplus


Ahluwalia suite of boxes
Range of Boxes and Lids

Solutions Involved:

Pioneering fashion brand Ahluwalia combines a sustainable and ethical approach to material sourcing with the rich influences of Creative Director and Founder; Priya Ahluwalia’s Indian-Nigerian heritage.

Ahluwalia Messaging

Recognised as a Leader of Change at the British Fashion Awards 2021, Priya’s brand is an extension of her efforts to bring real difference to the fashion industry. Reimagining the way we think about and use surplus and vintage garments, many of Ahluwalia’s pieces are one of a kind utilising reimagined textiles and fabrics.

When collaborating on the launch of their packaging, we wanted to create a suite that reflected not only the brand ethos but their journey too. Messaging in the lid of the manhattan boxes speaks to the definition of ‘Ahluwalia’ itself and our logo shows the collaboration is a commitment to ‘Make Better Things’. The gradient designs make use of the colour palette featured in Ahluwalia’s debut collection. The range is made up of three box sizes to cover the full range of garments, and accompanying tissues - all with Ahluwalia branding throughout.

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