Gamified sustainable seeding kits

Prada x Adidas

Stacked Prada X Adidas Shoeboxes
Above: Seeding kits produced for the launch of the Prada x Adidas
Prada x Adidas Cards and Dice
Prada x Adidas Cards and Dice

Solutions Involved:

The latest drop from Adidas By Prada Re-Nylon, the highly anticipated third collection from the brands' creative collaboration which first launched back in 2019.

The most recent 21-piece collection features everything from trainers to sweatshirts, and they brought us in to produce shoeboxes for the launch. Including a series of game themed seeding kits to accompany them.

Overhead of games seeding kit for Prada x Adidas
Prada x Adidas Ball Nirvana CPH
Above: Seeding kit housing shoebox, cards, dice, a tumbler and a score card.

As part of the global launch campaign, we were approached by Frosty Pop, creative gaming studio, to design and produce a variety of products. The challenge was to develop sustainable seeding kits that echoed both brands’ values, house multiple items from the collection while creating a playful keepsake moment.

Using the Prada brand codes and taking the re-use approach we designed durable boxes from sustainable materials. There are two gamified kits, one that can be rearranged to create a mini basketball setup and another housing cards, dice, a tumbler and score cards for keeping tabs. The aim was to produce seeding kits that influencers would want to keep.

Sustainable messaging prada x adidas