'Cloudmonster' Marketing Activation

On Running

On Running open top box
Above: Overhead shot of OnRunning collaboration with Oakley
Lid of the OnRunning Box
Lid of the OnRunning Box

Solutions Involved:

When Swiss sports brand OnRunning wanted to launch their FW23 Apparel campaign, they came to us seeking an Influencer Seeding Kit for the reactivation of their Cloudmonster trainers. Releasing a new colourway for their popular trainers, the brand wanted to reinvigorate consumer's passion for the product.

Housed in a one piece mailer, the seeding kit was fully viable for e-commerce as is and didn't require further packaging for delivery. Alongside the Cloudmonster shoes, the kit contained a pair of stylish Oakley sunglasses as a gift.

Insert card OnRunning

The solution we designed and produced was a corrugate seeding kit with internal fitments and a removable tray. This showcased the shoes and gifting items, the box and tray were all printed directly to substrate and included stickers on the inside lid to further tell the product story.